How to get a South West visa for your kids

A new South West travel visa is on the cards, with an initial fee of $300 for children and $450 for seniors.

The visa, for families of six, is a significant step towards making South West Australia’s visa system more flexible.

The Government says it will work to make it more accessible and efficient.

“This new South Western Visa is a major step forward for our community and we look forward to seeing its rollout across the state over the coming weeks,” SA Premier Mark McGowan said.

“With over 1,000 South West Australians eligible for this visa, it is a great step forward that will make South West more accessible for all.”

The State Government says a significant amount of processing time will be required for the visa application process.

“South West Australia will be one of the first countries to introduce this visa to the market and we will work with the visa companies to make sure that processing times are as efficient as possible,” Mr McGowan told reporters.

“Once these new visa cards are introduced, South West will be in the driver’s seat to bring this visa into the market.”

The visa is not for everyone.

It only allows for people to come and stay in the state, not go on holiday.

However, it does cover people who have a job in South West, and it does not cover people with a visa on a tourist visa.

If you need help applying for the South West Visa, you can call 1300 044 3141.

You can also call the Immigration Department’s online portal to apply for the new visa.

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