U.S. approves 3 new visas for BAHamas health tourism

The U.N. Refugee Agency has approved 3 new visa categories for the U.s. as it tries to prevent a repeat of the deadly stampede that killed more than 100 people and wounded more than 2,500 others in Kenya in February.

The U.K. Foreign Office and the U-N’s refugee agency, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), issued a joint statement on Friday confirming the approval for three visa categories that would allow U.k. nationals to enter the country from countries with strict controls on the entry of foreign workers.

Those three categories, the statement said, would be the “first ever for any country outside the European Union and the second in recent years.

They are designed to encourage the return of people to the region to support the rebuilding of their communities, in particular their health and social services.”

The approval for the new categories, which were to be announced on Feb. 23, came as the U,K.

government has been grappling with a growing number of deaths from the stampede, which resulted in the deaths of at least 70 people.

The statement from the U.,K.

and UNHCR said they are committed to preventing any repetition of the February stampede in Kenya and are working closely with the U.-N to develop new mechanisms to help the countries to prevent the type of event that occurred last February.

It was the second time the U,.

K. has approved a visa for its citizens for the medical purposes of their work.

In February, it approved the medical visas for two doctors and a nurse who have helped to treat victims of the stampeding.

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