How to get a Diversity Visa in the UK

FourFourtwo, a platform that allows individuals to apply for multiple visas, has recently added the option to apply to a UK Diversity Visa.

The platform is available now and is the result of a collaboration between the UK government and the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

The idea behind the new Diversity Visa is to allow the UK to increase the numbers of people coming into the country for work and study, and also provide the UK with a higher profile in the international community.

The aim is to have the Diversity Visa accepted by the end of 2020, although it’s likely to be a longer wait for those already here than for those who will be granted a different visa.

Currently, those applying for a Diversity visa will need to submit their CV and some basic details, including the names and ages of all people they will be interviewing, as well as the date and place of their interview.

However, they will also need to provide a short bio on the Diversity visa application, and a list of all their family and friends they have spoken to on the platform.

Those who have already applied for a visa will be able to apply via a form and receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, with the deadline being set to be May 31.

This means that those applying now will have a little over a month to prepare their applications, and the next phase of the application process will be in place in early June.

Those already in the country can submit their applications in the same way as any other visa application.

As of this month, the first applicants will be chosen on the basis of a ‘selection committee’, which consists of members from the BCP and the UK Government.

However, the BCA are currently not able to disclose how many applicants there are for a specific visa, but it is estimated that there are up to 5,000 people already applying for the Diversity.

The selection committee will then meet in July and decide whether or not to offer the Diversity to those applicants.

If approved, those who apply for a UK diversity visa will also be eligible for UK Citizen status.

The process for applying for an Australian Diversity Visa has been similarly streamlined and it was announced in May that Australia was planning to offer a new diversity visa to people coming to Australia for study.

The decision to make the change to the UK Diversity visa comes amid a number of new immigration policies coming into effect over the next few months, with those from the UK and the US looking to expand their diplomatic ties.

This article first appeared on FourFour Two.

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