Canada is set to launch a new visa for foreign workers

CANADA — Canada is poised to announce an unprecedented immigration reform that would allow foreign workers to be eligible for a new work visa in the coming years.

The changes come as the Trump administration seeks to reduce the number of visas issued by the U.S. as it tries to curb a flood of foreign workers from China and other countries to fill the jobs created by the recession.

The reforms, expected to be announced Thursday by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, would allow Canadians to apply for temporary visas in Canada, for a year, and for permanent residency.

Canada has the most permanent workers in the world and currently does not have a work visa.

Under the plan, foreign workers who come to Canada as permanent residents would be granted a work permit and a work-permit to stay in Canada.

They would also be eligible to work in a temporary position for two years and to be paid in Canadian dollars.

The new work permit could allow them to work anywhere in Canada and for a maximum of seven years without interruption.

They could also work in the United States for three years.

Canada’s economy, however, has suffered through a series of years of weak growth.

Canada lost 6.3 million jobs in January, a year when the U-3 index fell to the lowest level in two decades.

Canada has a backlog of nearly 7 million work permits and is struggling to fill them.

Canada currently has about 11.5 million foreign workers.

The announcement would be significant for Canada, which has seen a spike in new foreign workers since Trump’s inauguration in January.

Freeland has also said that Canada’s economy is recovering from the impact of the economic downturn and could benefit from increased foreign workers as a means to create new jobs and stimulate the economy.

In the U: Canada to make new immigration reforms, as Trump seeks to ease visa restrictions, according to Reuters.

The changes come after Freeland announced in February that she was going to begin revising the nation’s visa program for temporary workers, and that she would be launching a review of the current work-visa program.

Freeman said that the reforms were designed to create an economy that can continue to grow even as the world’s third-largest economy continues to experience a slowdown.

Freeport said she would look into ways to make Canada more attractive to the global market.

The Canadian government has long sought to limit the number and type of foreign worker visas.

The government has repeatedly sought to tighten the rules on the number allowed under the UBS system of visas, and the UBC system, which is the system used by the United Nations and other governments.

The current rules do not allow for a permanent residency or a work work permit, meaning foreign workers are limited to two years in Canada before they are eligible to come back for a second work visa that would have to be renewed every three years to stay permanently.

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