How to apply for a visa for business or tourism in Canada

Business travellers should check the appropriate visa categories and the rules surrounding them before travelling to Canada.

If you are planning to do business in Canada, be sure to check the visa conditions, rules and requirements.

For more information, check out our section on Business travellers and Canadian visas.

For details on the types of visas available, see the sections on travel, business, employment and tourism.

You can apply for both a H1B visa and a visa to travel to Canada from any country, including Canada.

Both visas are issued by the Canadian Government.

A H1b Visa is for individuals who are in Canada temporarily to do work that the Canadian government is required to do, such as work with a government agency, the defence force, or with the federal government.

A visa to stay permanently in Canada for up to six months is for a work visa or student visa.

The requirements for a business visa and for a student visa differ.

The H1 b visa is issued to people who are employed in Canada on a temporary basis and are expected to return to their employer within six months.

If the employer can prove that it cannot find a replacement, the employer must grant the visa to the new employee.

If they do not have to, the visa is for an indefinite period.

A student visa is a work-related visa issued to students who will be staying for at least six months to complete their studies.

Students must demonstrate that they are able to contribute to Canada’s economic development efforts and that they will be able to work and live in Canada after completing their studies at an approved post-secondary institution.

A business visa is granted for individuals working in Canada who are expected in Canada at a time when Canada is at a competitive disadvantage.

These are typically people who do not work or are expected not to work.

A job-related worker visa is also issued for people who work in Canada while their employer has a job offer in another country.

A temporary resident visa is an exception to the general rules for business and tourist visas.

Temporary resident workers are individuals who hold permanent residence in Canada but are expected, within six weeks of arriving, to apply to return home to work in the country in which they live.

This is a temporary arrangement that is intended to help those who cannot work in a country with lower wages and conditions to settle and provide a better quality of life for their families.

For information about the types and levels of work visas available for both business and student visa categories, see our section, Business and tourism in Canadian visa categories.

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