How to pay for your vacation visa in five steps

The government of President Donald Trump is ramping up the process for those wanting to purchase a U.S. visa after a number of people fell through the cracks.

Trump announced Friday that he is boosting the number of visas that can be bought online for $499 from the current $450, according to a press release.

Trump made the announcement during a speech to a group of tech executives at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.

He has long made visa purchases a priority.

Last year, Trump signed an executive order to boost the number, which has since grown to more than 10,000 visas, as he pursues a border wall with Mexico.

The Trump administration has since also announced a crackdown on the fraudulent purchase of visas through the visa-exchange program.

While there are a number ways to purchase the visa, Trump said Friday that the most popular way to do so is by completing a credit card payment via VisaCheckout.

A card will cost $399.

A second option, called “online visa buying,” requires a credit or debit card, a photo ID, and a social security number.

The president said he would announce a new process for online visa purchases on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the White House National Security Council told The Hill that the new VisaPurchase will be “a more convenient, more secure, and more streamlined process for Visa and Visa Checkout customers, and will help them to ensure their purchases are legal and compliant.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

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