When to apply for an Indian tourist visa

Indian tourists can now apply for a visa extension if they are in the country for more than three months, according to the Department of External Affairs (DoE).

The extension will allow Indian citizens to visit India for a maximum of four months.

The DoE says that for all visa extensions, the maximum number of visits per year is two.

For this reason, an Indian visa extension will have to be renewed every two years, the DoE said in a statement.

The extension for Indian citizens, however, will be renewed for four years.

Read more: The extension is expected to be effective from August 2018, when Indian citizens can visit India.

A visa extension is the only way to visit and work in India for up to five months after the expiry of the visa.

The Do, in a briefing note, said that the extension allows Indians to work in the economy, such as in tourism and in public health.

However, the extension is also available for those who want to visit a foreign country, which can be a tourist visa or an extension to the right of first entry, it added.

This is in line with the recommendations of the UPA government to give priority to those who wish to visit abroad, such an extension would be a “major benefit for Indian expatriates and their families”, the DoEs note added.

The extension will be available for all citizens and permanent residents of India, except those with valid visa.

A visitor visa can be extended for up for five years from the date of the last visit.

According to the Do, for all visas issued from September 1, 2018, the visa extension for Indians is valid for one year.

A tourist visa is valid from August 1, 2020, for up until March 31, 2021, for three months and one day.

“Indian citizens and Indian residents who have been in India more than six months can apply for extension of their visas, but visa extensions for permanent residents will be given priority,” the DoS note said.

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