Visa restrictions for US citizens increase in August

The number of US citizens visiting Israel and Jordan for work and other tourist-related activities increased last month to a record high, as demand for visa-free travel in the two countries continues to grow, the State Department announced Tuesday.

A total of 6,566 US citizens and legal permanent residents applied for a visa in August, marking the highest monthly number since February 2016.

This was an increase of 1,547 over August 2016.

A total of 1.3 million US citizens were in Israel for the same period, up from 933,000 in August 2016 and 831,000 a year ago.

The number of Israeli citizens applying for a work visa increased by 467 over August, to 1,788, compared with a year earlier.

There was a sharp drop in the number of Jordanian nationals applying for work visas, to 742, down from 1,838 in August.

The number applying for temporary visas to visit Israel and Palestine decreased by 478, to 635, compared to a year previously.

Visas for US nationals who have visited Israel and/or Jordan in the past four years increased by 5,832, to 4,738.

The increase was driven by a record number of Israelis seeking to visit Jordan for medical reasons.

A record 803,000 Americans and legal residents were in Jordan in August for work or recreational purposes, the most since August 2016, according to the State and Justice Departments.

In addition, 1.1 million Americans and 1.4 million legal residents applied to enter the country for tourism, while another 431,800 applied for medical or other medical reasons, the department said.

The State Department also reported that there were 464,500 people living in Israel who were seeking a work permit for work, up 6% from August 2016 figures.

The report also noted that the number for work permits issued in August was up 3% compared to the same month a year before.

However, a record 958,000 US citizens applied for permits to work, the highest number since August 2018.

How to apply for a work visa in Spain

The official website of the government of Spain said on Thursday that it will soon open a new application for a visa to work in the country, bringing the total number of approved work visas to 8,400.

The government will open the new application to applicants for the first time in October, the Spanish Government said in a statement.

Work visas are a key piece of immigration reform that was brought in after a series of deadly terrorist attacks in France last year.

They allow immigrants who arrive legally to work temporarily and then get a permanent visa to continue working after their work permits expire.

The official website said the new program will allow immigrants to work without the risk of deportation if they have not committed any crimes, commit no major crimes, and have completed at least two years of training or experience.

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